After being left to freeze in the snow, wet puppies huddle together for warmth.

Soaking Wet Pups Huddle Together For Warmth After They’re Left To Freeze In Snow

This man is so passionate about dogs that he is always on the lookout for dogs who have been abandoned or are in need of assistance, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

He came upon two puppies who had been dumped and left to perish in the frigid weather one day. The two little puppies cuddled together, urgently trying to keep warm.

They were soaking soaked and shaking from the cold as they stood in the snow and ice.

They backed away from the man as he approached them, fearful of him. But the man didn’t give up since he knew he couldn’t just leave them there because they would die of hypothermia.

He finally grabbed them and carried them home, wrapping them in blankets to keep them warm. He died them after giving them a much-needed warm bath.

The small puppies, who had been uncomfortable and wet, were now clean, fluffy, and happy.

Their entire demeanor altered now that they were safe. They were no longer afraid, and instead want attention and affection.

The dad will soon take the puppies to the veterinarian for an examination, but in the meantime, he will keep them warm and provide the finest care possible!

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