This Teddy Bear Comforted An Orphaned Pony—And Now Our Hearts Are Melted.

I’ve seen a lot of odd friendships since I’ve started writing these post, but this might be the cutest one yet.

The newborn pony named Breeze was discovered abandoned in “Dartmoor National Park” within hours of his birth. Tiny foundling about the hillside, attempting to nurse mares, unable to locate his mother.
Breeze had collapsed in a condition of [sev.ere] [sh.oc.k] and [de.hydra.tion] by the time aid came from a nearby equestrian sanctuary. However, his health began to improve as soon as they brought him to the refuge.

Quite lovely, the cute little pony seemed to be quite happy.

Orphaned newborn animals at the shelter are sometimes given staffed toys by the volunteers to help them feel more comfortable. They are all taken aback, nevertheless, by Breeze’s enthusiasm in the enormous teddy bear he received.

That is so endearing and charming.

The large TEDDY BEAR, the foal’s new surrogate mother, is holding the sleeping animal contentedly.

Observing him engage with his new teddies and snuggle up to them before bed has been amazing. He enjoys their companionship much and finds solace in the small moments when his caregivers are not around.

The fact that this pony can cuddle up to the teddy bear is likely the reason it brings so much comfort to him. Bless him.

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