Every night, a coffee shop allows stray dogs to sleep inside.

Strays dogs are a serious problem in Greece, with over one million roaming the streets looking for food or a place to sleep.

Thankfully, some organizations, such as Hott Spott, are making a difference for the animals.

This Coffee Shop Lets Stray Dogs Sleep Inside Every Night When The Customers Leave

Located in Lesbos, it is a conventional cafe that feeds customers during the day, but at night, it allows stray dogs to sleep inside.

“Every night when the pub shuts, the dogs gather here to sleep.” We don’t have any issues. Every night since July, there has been a dog on the couch,” stated an unnamed server at the cafe.

Lesbos is dealing with not only stray animals but also a refugee issue. “The residents have heightened degrees of sympathy towards environmental and humanistic issues,” said Eustratios Papanis, whose photo of the puppies in the coffeeshop went viral. “The next generation is more sensitive and well-informed than previous generations.”

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