During a thunderstorm, a diapered toddler comforts a Golden Retriever.

dog and baby hug

Many dogs are terrified of loud noises, especially thunderstorms. Puppies have no idea what the noise is and only want it to stop. To escape the noises, some dogs hide under chairs, behind beds, or even in the laundry room or bathtub.

One of these puppies went viral after attempting to flee during a thunderstorm and finding a secure hiding spot in his owner’s home. When the owner went to seek for the Golden Retriever, he found him cuddled up near the dryer inside the laundry room.

This terrified dog wasn’t alone, as a kind child decided to console him. The toddler is shown wearing a diaper and sitting next to his canine companion. He caresses him, pats him, hugs him, and speaks soothing words to him.

The priceless one-minute video was shared on Twitter, where dog lovers gushed and celebrated.

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