Two girls weep for a dog in a kill shelter, unaware that their mother has adopted the same dog.

When two girls discovered a dog named Rosie online, they fell in love with her right away. Rosie, on the other hand, was at a kill shelter in Georgia, which was a long way from the girls’ home. So, even if Rosie was available for adoption, the small girls would be unable to stop it.

The girls, on the other hand, were so taken with Rosie that they would check on her adoption status every day. The children’ hearts sunk one day when they learned that Rosie might be put down unless she received an adoption commitment shortly. The girls sobbed uncontrollably since they had no idea how to assist Rosie.

The girls had no idea that their parents were well aware of their suffering. They chose to approach the shelter and discuss options for getting Rosie to their city. They planned to adopt her and surprise the girls with it!

The girls’ mother surprises them on the streets with Rosie in her arms in this video. The girls are overcome with emotion as they can’t believe what they’re seeing and gradually grasp their parents’ thoughtful gesture!

As they embrace Rosie, the two girls scream happy tears. Rosie, too, expresses her gratitude with loving cuddles, knowing that these two girls’ devotion has saved her. Rosie and the girls have become inseparable. What a moving story of rescue!

Watch Rosie’s heartwarming rescue story and pleasant life with her favorite girls in the video below!

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