A Great Dane named Max adores swimming in the pool, especially on hot days. On one occasion, however, his mother didn’t seem to think swimming was such a good idea. Max acts like an unhappy child because she constantly telling him no. He starts moaning and throwing a temper tantrum in an attempt to persuade his mother to change her mind. Because they’re both stubborn, this disagreement carries on for a long time.

In the footage of Max’s rage tantrum, he can be seen wearing a jacket around his leg. These coats are frequently worn to hide areas where the dog is not supposed to bite or scratch, such as stitches or a sore. As a result, Max must always wear this jacket on his leg, although it cannot get wet. Max is unconcerned, but his mother is emphatic.

Max starts whining first as he stands at the pool’s edge. His mother tells him, no, explaining that his jacket should not get wet. Max is deaf, yet based on reading her lips and observing her motions, he appears to comprehend his mother well. Even though he knows she doesn’t want him in the water, he still wants to swim.

Max approaches the pool with caution and reaches out to dip his paw into the water, most likely to test the water. On the other hand, his mother is continuously telling him no, so he doesn’t go any further. On the other hand, his whining continues unabated.

As much as he wants to swim, he is a nice boy who accepts that his mother knows best. Of course, she wants him to be able to swim and have fun in the water, but she also recognizes that he needs to be safe.

Max only had to wear the jacket for a short time, so as he took it off, he was free to swim again. He is a very intelligent dog who knows how to act in social situations. His heart was set on swimming in this video, but he chose to listen to his mother instead because he adores her.

In recent years, Max and his Great Dane siblings have become well-known on social media. They have their own Facebook page and frequently post adorable movies on Rumble. This adorable video is just one of many that this family has chosen to share with the world.

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