A woman is caught on camera giving her scarf to a cold stray dog.

She didn’t think anyone was looking at her, but she was mistaken…

A security camera mounted on the outside of a cafe filmed the moment a generous woman hands her her scarf to a chilly stray dog.

As she walks out the door, she finds the stray curled up beneath the cafe’s front shelter, doing the best he could.

She knew she just couldn’t walk away without doing something.

She tucked the stray in and double-checked that he was safe.

We hope she set a positive example for others to follow.

Despite the fact that it lasted less than a minute, this thoughtful gesture was observed, and before long, someone identified the individual who performed it.

Her name is Duygu Elma, she didn’t expect all the praise that the internet has given her, and the true heroes never do!

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