Dog found motionless on the side of the road by three teenagers

You’re always yearning for an adventure as teenagers. Teenagers can develop their character by riding their bikes farther than they’ve ever gone, descending hills faster than they can control, and providing aid to an animal in need. Three boys were ready to put their character to the test in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, and in the process, turn into local heroes.

They noticed something in the grass as the three boys rode their bikes down the street.
Three teenagers, about 13 or so, were riding bikes without any particular destination in mind. They happened to be travelling about when they noticed a puppy resting in the grass. Even while this isn’t altogether unusual, they choose to look into it.

The guys examined the dog more intently and saw that it was seriously injured.

The three youngsters hopped off their bikes and walked over to the dog, which they noticed wasn’t moving. It required urgent medical care because it was so feeble. They made an animal rescue call and hung around to see what they could do to assist.

Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue arrived and quickly took charge of the circumstance.
Wade, Tyler, and Brayden made the decision that they would prefer to remain by the dog while they awaited assistance. The three youngsters turned their bikes upside down to create a barrier to discourage cars from passing too closely by the injured dog because it was close to the side of the road.

Although the dog was immobile, they saw that it periodically turned to stare at the three rescuers.

The youngsters had some optimism for the lives of their new acquaintance after they saw the dog was keeping an eye on them. When animal rescue arrived, they brought their own vehicle and added to the bike barricade. Volunteer Katie Leblanc said:

He most likely wouldn’t have survived if they hadn’t shown up. They could not have been riding on that portion of the road, which makes it so absurd.

The dog had apparently been struck by a car, based on appearances.

Together, the workers lifted the dog onto the blanket and into the vehicle. It was crucial to return him to the shelter so he could receive medical care. The volunteers observed that he was limping on his leg, possibly due to a hip injury, albeit this was not yet identified. Once they arrived at the shelter, they gave him some painkillers and began their investigation. Added Wade:

Wade remarked, “Knowing that we saved the puppy made me feel happy. “Because we gave the dog a second chance that he might never have had,” the person replied.

The dog was temporarily given the name Wade by the shelter in honor of one of the guys who discovered him.

Wade already had a forever home and a family that was desperately yearning for him, the shelter discovered after doing some analysis. Taz the dog had been missing for over a week! Taz was finally reunited with the family after discovering them on Facebook.

Taz’s family was immensely grateful that the guys stopped and was overjoyed to be reunited as a family once more.

The three lads stopped, rescued a life, and restored a family in a world where it’s simpler to ignore a hurt dog. One of those moments, especially for a 13-year-old, can completely alter how you see the world.

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