Just hours before she gives birth, a couple saves a pregnant dog.

Couple Rescue Pregnant Dog Just Hours Before She Gives Birth

With eight canines of their own, Chris and Mariesa are used to living in the dog home. However, when they discovered Storie, a pregnant dog at their local shelter, they realized they couldn’t leave her there to give birth to her puppies.

“Dogs having puppies at shelters are not in the finest of health. Chris explains, “It’s difficult for her, and it’s hard for the puppies.”

They chose to foster Storie, so they prepared a comfortable bed for her in advance of her birth. They thought she’d need a few days to adjust to her new surroundings, but she had given birth to 12 puppies just 18 hours after arrival!

It appears like they arrived home just in time! Within a few weeks, the puppies had grown, opened their eyes, and were acting like exuberant children.

Chris and Mariesa already have a full house, so adding 13 more dogs was out of the question. Storie’s puppies, however, were all adopted thanks to Pibbles and More Animal Rescue. And what about Storie? Chris’ friend also contributed to her happy ending!

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