People Adore This Puppy Who Will Grow Up To Be A Police Dog

Many social media users have fallen in love with a beautiful Belgian dog named Sam. In Estonia, he recently began his training to become a police dog, and the photos from his first classes are very cute.

Sam will be a member of the Northern Prefectural Special Forces Police, and he’ll no doubt perform admirably, but for now, all we can think about is how beautiful he looks as he goes through his training.


The Belgian shepherd and his brother, ‘Terror,’ who will be part of the k command, both joined the police department just a few weeks ago. According to Bored Panda, each will be assigned to separate parts of the police force.


Sam must train for a year and a half to be a member of the prefectural team. However, for the time being, he is adjusting to his new surroundings and his caregiver, Kristi Pai, who will be in charge of the child’s education.


This puppy appears to be quite lively and eager, at least based on the images. Surely, directing him in his police duties would be a difficult task.

Although we are certain that if Sam retains at least half of these characteristics as an adult dog, any thief or criminal will simply succumb to this puppy’s police qualities.

You will learn attack methods and neutralization of suspects, as well as the detection of illicit drugs and the safety of your human friends.

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