In Wisconsin, a dog has been abandoned. After finding her new forever home, she was dubbed “Baby Girl” and went viral.

A Dog Abandoned in Wisconsin Named “Baby Girl” Went Viral After She Just Found Her New Forever Home

It’s difficult to envision many pet owners abandoning their animals, but that’s exactly what occurred earlier this month in Green Bay, Wisconsin, when an owner left a dog attached to a fire hydrant alone.

Fortunately, the story that began with grief has finally come to a happy conclusion.

The Wisconsin Humane Society posted a heartbreaking photo of a dog named Baby Girl chained to a bright yellow fire hydrant in the neighborhood on May 5th. Her rucksack sat next to her, loaded with her favorite toys and worldly possessions.

Not only because of the photo, but also because of the way the Wisconsin Humane Society handled her predicament, Baby Girl’s tale quickly went viral.

Instead of retaliating with punishment or rage, the WHS sent a heartfelt and meaningful message to Baby Girl’s previous owner on their Facebook page:

“First and foremost, we are heartbroken that you had to say goodbye to your best buddy. It’s clear how much you cared for her, and we can tell you tried your hardest despite your own physical issues and life obstacles. We can sense your affection for her in the bag you painstakingly stuffed with all of her favorite items. We can see how much you care about her by the way you tied her leash so she wouldn’t be hit by a car. We can sense your love for her in the manner you placed her in the heart of a busy area where she would be easily found. We can see how happy and healthy Baby Girl is because of your affection. And we see your love in the note you left, pleading for someone to help her when you no longer could.”

The post was shared approximately 4000 times on Facebook and was featured on the popular Instagram account WeRateDogs, which has 2.3 million followers.

One person said on Facebook, “What a caring approach.” “When I initially saw the photographs, I didn’t feel as sensitive, but you’ve helped me see things differently.”

The Wisconsin Humane Society, which has been caring for Baby Girl for the past two weeks, posted an update on May 10 saying that the organization had already met with Baby Girl’s previous owner and was “grateful for the chance to connect with her, and honor her wishes for Baby Girl to find a new home.”

The mission had been achieved.

According to the humane society, when Baby Girl was put available for adoption, a number of families expressed interest in meeting her, and she was eventually adopted.

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