Puppy loves the beach so much, she can’t stop jumping for joy.

I recall going to the beach for the first time as a small child.I actually started jumping for pleasure when i discovered this new, gorgeous area!


The blissful Tofu has always had something special.Something you won’t see at any dog. She has always been that kind of sassy puppy, unable to hide her excitement upon new adventures.However,the way she react every time she goes to her favorite place – the beach – is just pure happiness.


“My second dog wanted to join in, but she didn’t have the same leaping talents,” MacPherson added. “The other canines with whom we were strolling appeared perplexed by this wild, leaping, noisy, ginger fox-looking dog.”

“She still barks like crazy,” Tofu’s mom, told The Dodo. “The beach seems to be her favorite place to visit. People who we passed on our walk — their faces would light up with joy seeing her happiness.”

Tofu’s jumping is a little out of the ordinary, but it makes her unique, and eventually the other dogs around her get used to it. She just loves the beach so much, and jumping in the air is her way of showing it.


Tofu is ecstatic every time her mother brings her to the beach, and her bouncing is nearly a thank you for allowing her to visit her favorite spot.

To watch a dog as Tofu enjoying something in this speechless way is so satisfying.

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