A Tender – Hearted Vet Shows How He Builds Trust With A Scared Dog

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As you can see in the video,the dog goes to the Medical Center for vaccination and looks really scared of the doctor. But when the vet lies down next to the dog and comforts it, the dog starts feeling better and realizes that he can trust this guy.

In this video,  Dr. Thomas Hamilton is caring for a scared dog. It’s the sweetest glimpse into how he goes the extra mile to reassure a frightened pup that he only wants to help her and doesn’t want to hurt her.

The first thing he notices even before his exam is that his little patient is scared. So, in the most tender gesture, he scrunches down to her level and gently introduces himself, even telling her that his name is Tom.

Dr. Hamilton is an expert at reading body language, so he knew the dog wasn’t a threat, she was simply afraid. So, in his next step in trying to help her feel more at ease, he lays on the floor in front of her and, in a sign of submission, offers her his face to sniff.

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The treats do the job, and she begins to gain confidence and leaves the corner of the exam room. She begins to sniff and eat her treats. Amazingly, the next thing you know she is sitting in Dr. Hamilton’s lap, enjoying some affection.

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Dr. Tom shares that when he was a young boy, his Husky dog saved him from a dog attack. Although the dog was chained up, he broke its chains and ended up saving his life. That incident changed his mind about dogs and inspired him to become a veterinary doctor.

Through this viral video, Dr. Tom wants to show us love and kindness can change anybody. He could have just gone about vaccinating the dog and be done his work, but he chose to build trust with the dogs.

“What I want the world to realize is through kindness, love, and compassion, you can change a dog’s — any animal, really — perspective on who you are. It’s not like it’s the end goal to vaccinate them and send them on their way. I want to actually build a relationship with them,” he said.

We hope you enjoyed this sweet video about what veterinary medicine is to so many of the doctors who care for our pets. We’re sure that everyone wants a vet just like Dr. Hamilton.


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