Poodle Brother Protects His Sister From Rescuers

When Hope For Paws got a call that two dogs were living under the I-5 freeway in California, they immediately went there to see if they could help them.

The Los Angeles-based rescue organization not only takes in homeless or abused animals, but they also raise money to pay for their veterinary care and find them new homes. Additionally, they were not going to permit a crowded highway to impede their mission.

The rescuers, Eldad, the organization’s founder, and Vanessa, his friend, were able to determine where the dogs were hiding under the freeway and came up with a strategy to catch them safely.

The dogs were hiding in the tunnels of the freeway, so they had to crawl through them.
The dogs had been surviving in the sewers for several weeks on food that people had left for them.

With hamburgers, the rescuers were able to corner the two white dogs with curly hair and shaggy coats.

These two pretty girls didn’t fight, but they were still pretty scared.
They gave the impression that they were content as long as they were together and strongly suggested that they desired to be saved, but in reality, they were only afraid. In order to safeguard his smaller sibling, one of the dogs even covered it.

Two dogs were treated with extreme kindness and patience by their rescuers.

To calm the siblings’ dogs and gain their trust, these literally sat in garbage bags.
The dogs were pretty excited to leave once they realized that they could rely on their rescuers.

It was time for the fun part now that the scary part was over.

In addition to getting a makeover, the dogs were given names like “Pepsi” and “Cola.”
After receiving a bath and having all of their matted fur shaved down, the dogs were extremely excited and ran around.

To meet the dogs, the family who fed Pepsi and Cola while they were in the sewers came to the rescue center.

They seemed very grateful to Pepsi and Coca-Cola.
It was now time to find these two a forever home so that they could live happily ever after.

According to Hope for Paws’ Facebook page the folks at Maltese Rescue California gave the pair a foster home and then found them a forever home.

The video below shows the incredible rescue of Pepsi and Coca-Cola by the organization.

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