2-Legged Dog Rejected For 8 Yrs And Returned 3 Times Begs For A Chance At Life

It’s possible that Nessie McNubbins, a Chihuahua, was bred carelessly and was born missing her front legs. Nessie wound up at a shelter, where the staff fell head over heels for this adorable and vivacious dog! Sadly, the crippled puppy has not found a home despite the amusement she brought to the shelter visitors.

Nessie pondered why none of the families ever chose her for a long time. She was “adopted” three times over an 8-year period, but each time the families quickly gave her back. Nessie had no desire to be “inadequate” or “desirable,” but when Theresa Loyacano found her photo on social media, everything changed!

Theresa knew Nessie belonged together with her and she or he reached bent the shelter and adopted this sweet girl. The shelter was nervous about the 2-legged Chihuahua settling in her new home. But this point , everything fell into place! Nessie was finally in her “real” forever home!

Nessie celebrated her adoption by hopping about her new home like a kangaroo on her powerful back legs after years of rejection. She lives in her forever home with two canine siblings who are crippled, and the group has merely become friends.

In this clip, we catch a peek of Nessie amusingly scurrying around like a kangaroo! The Chihuahua allegedly has a wheelchair of her own, although she seldom ever uses it. Nessie is a strong-willed young woman who has graciously accepted her flaws, and she or he has made up their minds to measure the easiest existence ever!

Click the video below to observe Nessie hopping around happily sort of a little kangaroo!

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