At seeing snow outdoors, horses transform into little kids.

Snow is not just for people to have fun in.

Throughout the winter, certain animals have been spotted having fun in the snow.

Both tamed and wild animals exhibit this.

They are so adorable and happy to be racing around and chasing each other in the snowy countryside.

In a video uploaded by the “Versatile Horsemanship” YouTube channel, a herd of horses was seen galloping across the expansive, snow-covered lawn.

They had a good time while the owner, Brandi, recorded them on camera.

A pony may be seen at the top of a snowdrift at the beginning of the video.

Suddenly it begins to skid down gently as if signaling to its owner, “Look! You saw what I did there, right?

a basic understanding of these creatures and the snow.

Humans are less prepared than horses to withstand the cold.

This indicates that even in subfreezing conditions and snow, the horses are fine and at ease.

Most horse breeds can typically endure extremely cold conditions up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, or -9.4 degrees Celsius.

In Central Asia, domestication of horses dates back to before 3500 BCE.

Moreover, they mostly serve to pull chariots and carriages.

Up to the invention of engines and motor vehicles, they continued to be vital to civilization.

Horses enjoy free-ranging.

The property had enough space for the herd of horses to wander without restriction.

They clearly enjoyed jogging in the snow, as is evident.

While she watched them gallop and scamper all about her, Brandi was heard giggling in the distance.

The ponies are more playful than the larger horses despite their size differences.

They moved around the fences as quickly as they could, halting only when another horse got in their path.

Together with the little ponies, some larger ones could be seen cantering across the lawn.

On their property, the owner keeps a variety of horses, mules, and a donkey.

They arrange classes so that guests may learn more about the farm and how the animals are cared for.

Did you realize that domestic horses only come in one species?

While there are 400 various breeds, from those used for pulling wagons or carriages to those used for racing.

Every horse grazes.

Nonetheless, there are still wild, undomesticated horses there.

These wild horses were the offspring of domesticated horses that had previously roamed free for many years.

When the sun is up, the owners can be seen letting their animals roam freely.

Moreover, hay has been prepared in case some animals need to be fed outside.

Dogs joined in the horseplay as well..

Especially the ponies.

They genuinely enjoy spending time outside and running around freely in the large cage.

The farm’s owner, Brandi, uses social media sites like Facebook and YouTube to let people know about their everyday interactions with the animals.

Her love of horses is unwavering.
She committed herself to this project and said she has been studying horses all of her life. Everyone is invited to participate in her horsemanship journey.

To discover more about her adventure, check out her Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channels!

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