As the day drew to a close, Ashley, a single mother who worked morning shifts at a grocery store, prepared to go home. She took her normal route and arrived at her residence eventually.But as Ashley drove up her street, she saw a cardboard Amazon box at the end of it. That was unusual. Maybe someone had left it there by accident.

Ashley exited her vehicle and walked over to the box. She believed she heard movement within the house.  Even though it had been a long day, something didn’t seem quite right. She heard faint screams at that point. Oh no ! Ashley swiftly grabbed the box and dashed into her house with it.

There was a tiny puppy in there, and Ashley didn’t know what to do! She phoned a nearby veterinarian right away. He advised Ashley on how to care for the pup until the next day. Ashley attempted to feed the puppy some special formula from a bottle. He must have been hungry because she decided to call him Jackson.

Jackson was just three weeks old at the time. This wasn’t exactly perfect. He was desperate to see his mum. He was unable to control his body temperature or feed on his own. He required constant supervision and personal attention. The veterinarian taught Ashley on how to properly care for Jackson the next day.

Ashley and Jackson returned home, and she introduced him to her cat, Dan. They hit it off right away! Dan taught Jackson how to play! Ashley was soon concerned about something with Jackson. She had no idea what was wrong with him, but a mother knows. She immediately made an appointment for the tiny dog at the veterinarian’s practice.

The vet discovers the likely cause of Jackson’s callous abandonment and it breaks Ashley’s heart. Still, she refuses to give up on the tiny puppy. To learn more about Jackson and to see what happens next, check out the video by The Dodo below. It’s truly a great story.



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