Homeless dog follows people on street until someone rescues her.

For stray dogs, the streets are not a pleasant place.Most strays run away whenever humans come close, probably as a defense tactic. A stray dog in Romania was different from the rest, as she followed people she came across on the streets, probably hoping for some food. Stray dogs are adapted to the harsh streets, and with or without help, they manage to fend for themselves and survive from what people throw away.

However, stray animals face a variety of hazards, and each year thousands of them suffer and die on the streets. Unfortunately, the innocent dog lived close to the road, with too many cars around. So, the volunteers from “Howl of a Dog” spotted her and lured Lily with treats.

This allowed Lily to feel at ease in the presence of the volunteers. The dog understood that they were only trying to help her.  With patience and many treats, one of the volunteers put a leash on Lily. The animal allowed the volunteer to pet her, and soon she carried the dog in the car and went to visit the vet.

Lily fell asleep and completely trusted the kind volunteer in such a short time. When the dog arrived at the veterinary clinic, she was weighed at first and was found to be approximately 10.5 Kgs. The little dog was then scanned for a microchip, but she did not have any.

All dog owners needed to have their dogs microchipped in Romania. During the examination, it was found that the poor dog had chewing gum stuck in her fur. The vet immediately removed it with the help of the scissors. She was estimated to be around two years old. Next, they ran a series of blood tests to determine the dog’s health condition and see if she suffered from any diseases.

Lily’s fur was home to many lice and fleas. She had to receive medication to get rid of her itchy friends. Her blood test results were relatively good, and the dog was prescribed supplements and vitamins to boost her immune system. Lily was brought to the “Howl of a Dog” shelter. On the first day, she was given a bath. Later she learned how to walk with a leash on for the first time.

She was a bit puzzled at first. But after a few minutes of walking in the park, she timidly wagged her tail. She was taken to a pet hospital later for the spay surgery. Lily is now a happy dog who is full of fun. The super cute and loving dog enjoyed every minute of her life now. Lily soon got adopted by a loving family living in Germany.


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