If you’re easily emotional, you’ll want to look away. Because the sadness in Wall-E the dog’s eyes will haunt you forever.

This cute dog named Wall-E, was first adopted in 2015. But the adorable labrador was left at a pet shelter by his adopted family who gave him up after living with him for three years. The confused and alone six-year-old could only look on as his family left him in the spot they picked him up from all those years ago. To make matters final, they returned all his toys and even his bed to the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCAAC) in Arizona, U.S. The upset Lab mix was returned to the Arizona shelter without explanation but it’s reported that the owners shed some tears while saying goodbye.

They reportedly returned the animal because they were unable to continue to show Wall-E the respect and love he deserves. So they divided up his possessions into two trash bags, including his bed, leaving Wall-E upset and stressed. However, the MCAAC staff backed Wall-previous E’s owners, writing on Facebook that the character “deserves a forever family who won’t give up on him.” But please don’t criticize his past owners. The entire story is unknown to us.

The shelter released a picture of this unfortunate canine looking for a new permanent home. The image rapidly went viral throughout all of social media, and fortunately, a few months later, after learning about this tale, a woman made the decision to adopt Wall-E. The woman visited the shelter, saw the puppy, and instantly fell in love, deciding to take him home. Surprisingly, even though this woman brought her other dog along, the two canines got along well. Now, it’s crucial that the dog has a secure home and is surrounded by people who love and care for him.

Remember that dogs see you as part of their pack and they should be viewed as family members. They would never abandon or leave you, so do not abandon them.

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