Special Pup Found Covered In Maggots Gets A Life Upgrade Thanks To A Little Boy

When Good Samaritans discovered Gracie the puppy, she was coated in maggots and appeared weird to her rescuers. ilovemydogsomuch writes

They rapidly realized it was due to her lack of two front legs at birth.

She was abandoned off to a shelter, where she battled to make ends meet while smiling.
Gracie didn’t worry that she didn’t look like the other dogs at the rescue because she could hop wherever she wanted to go. Her bright demeanor soon won over a visitor at the animal shelter, and she was adopted.

Tammy, Gracie’s mother, wanted to get her a temporary wheelchair once she was adopted so she could continue to grow.

Her mother didn’t want her nubs to become too painful from all of the high-impact hopping, even if she could move on her own.

Tammy didn’t want to invest in a permanent wheelchair just yet because the special needs puppy was so young and growing so quickly. So she consulted a trainer at the animal shelter where she discovered Gracie and devised an ingenious solution.

Dylan, the trainer’s 12-year-old son, was a volunteer at the shelter and a LEGO master. As a result, he made Gracie a bespoke wheelchair with no instructions!

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