Long ago, mankind was no longer human. Although only a pup, she is adamant that the stray is her home.

She too paid a steep price. She is still after being struck by a vehicle. Then another individual betrayed it by planting it near to a trash in the rain. She has been holding out.

A small group of volunteers from Ljubljana, Slovenia, led by dog lover Tanja Vidergar, care for and rehome abandoned and neglected stray animals there. They chose to assist her after learning about her pure soul.

” Those of us who must and want to correct the injustice that was done to her. We won’t be able to fix much this time. Broken legs, broken spine, inability to remove mud but she looks at us with these effects and begs to live.” Said Tanja Vidergar.

The poor puppy was really lovely and had a unique blue eye, so they called her blue despite his awful condition. how do you start her story? How can she overcome all these significant challenges that a man has placed in her path? This is unfair… neither that she now has a disability nor that her house was on a roadway.

Blue was taken right away to the veterinarian. The unfortunate creature is no longer alone. Little Blue is getting more expensive every day. They had run out of money for her regular medical care and therapies, but there are always those who don’t hold it against them when they assist animals in need.

Little Blue has been receiving care and therapy for 10 days, and he is improving every day. They couldn’t wait for the day when little Blue would be able to walk on her own and play with her closest pal all day.

A month Later little Blue now full healed. Little Blue deserved a happy life after many terrible thing she suffered.

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