Hearts melt as young boy picks old, deaf shelter dog to be his new best friend

Unfortunately, there may come a moment when a family is no longer able to care for their pets and must abandon them. Shey, a 14-year-old miniature poodle, was rescued by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa when his family moved away and couldn’t care for him any longer.
The senior dog was coping with a variety of problems and health issues, practically all of them were related to his advanced age. The four-footer is fully deaf and has one eye that is blind. Shey was expected to have a difficult time finding a home by the shelter personnel. That proved out to be true, as Shey spent months in the shelter, constantly being turned down by families due to his physical condition and age.

That is, until one day, a young boy Tristan arrived at the shelter along with his mom.

Tristan’s demands were quite simple: they wanted a dog that loved to cuddle.

Shey and I were a fantastic match from the start, and we fell in love right away.

Jessica Jorgenson, who works at the shelter, described Shey as “very nice” and “always wants to be around humans.” “From the outset, Shey was at ease with Tristan.”

“He was very slow with his moves because he recognized Shey couldn’t hear what was going on and might not be able to see things properly,” Jessica continued. “He was simply appreciative of Shey’s abilities and limitations.”
Shelter need extra attention because to his condition, and Tristan was more than willing to supply it.
Dealing with a deaf and nearly blind puppy is difficult enough for an adult, let alone a child. Tristan, on the other hand, listened intently and took out his phone to record the talk with specialists so that he could ensure that his new best buddy was well cared for at all times. He also used his calendar app to keep track of upcoming vet appointments and immunizations. Shey would be in capable care, according to the shelter workers!

“He was extremely considerate of Shey’s specific requirements.” Tristan is a sophisticated young man who asks a lot of questions.”

Tristan and Shey can’t stop cuddling and snuggling now that they’ve found each other, and it’s the cutest thing imaginable.
Shey has his own personal spot in Tristan’s room, and the two are practically inseparable at home!
Despite having his own space in the boy’s room, Shey’s favorite spot is in Tristan’s arms.
“Shey appears to be in a good mood.
He nestled right in with Tristan since cuddling is his favorite thing in the world.”
Despite the fact that Shey’s future didn’t appear bright, and the shelter workers thought that no one would even give him a chance, this incredible young boy recognized an adorable pup who deserved a loving and forever home for the rest of his days.
These two are simply amazing.

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