Meet Yogi, The Dog With A Human Looking Face That’s Freaking People Out.

Every dog has their own personality, little quirks that make us love them so much.

If you’ve ever taken care of a dog, you know that sometimes they act just like humans, leaving you asking your self if there’s actually a tiny human inside your beloved fur ball. Dogs resemble humans in many aspects, but this one dog’s resemblance to humans is so close, it’s uncanny. Like any dog lover, Chantal Desjardins posted a picture of her and her dog, Yogi, on her Facebook page, and only  her friends’ comments about her dog’s human like features made Chantal notice the resemblance. Yogi’s pictures went viral online, soliciting confused yet hilarious comments from the online community. But even though Yogi has a human like face, he’s still just a very energetic puppy who loves to cuddle and play.

Meet Yogi, an adorable dog who is taking the internet by storm because of his “human-like” looks

Seeing Yogi next to another dog actually makes the impression of a “human face” even stronger

Some people say that at the first glance it seems that he is the result of a very successful face swap

Yogi’s owner had never thought about her dog this way: “Looking at him, I usually don’t see it!”

Although there’s really something human about his appearance, the angles of the camera and the way his fur is groomed play a huge role in this.

Look how adorable they are together !

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