This Man Quits His Job To Travel The Country And Save Shelter Dogs

We all occasionally have a purpose in life that we must pursue. That call involves helping animals for some people. We undoubtedly have a natural inclination to support animals on our own as animal enthusiasts. I frequently donate money to various animal charities, and when I do get a pet, I almost always adopt rather than buy one. Additionally, I always get my animals spayed or neutered, make sure they are current on their vaccinations, and never let the information on their microchips expire. We all contribute in whatever way we can, but some of us can go a little bit further than others. A buddy of my mother’s once worked on animal transport runs. Working with several organizations, she would visit high-kill shelters every Friday to rescue dogs who were about to be put down before transporting them to various foster homes throughout California. I have always appreciated her commitment to assisting dogs in shelters.

However, one man, Lee Asher, has turned his passion for dogs into the ultimate charitable endeavor. In order to travel and rescue shelter dogs, Lee sold everything he owned, quit his job, and packed up his entire life. The two boarded an RV with a friend and their own six dogs and began their rescue quest. The two have been active on social media in the hopes that their posts may persuade readers to reevaluate their perceptions about shelter dogs.Because shelter dogs are frequently observed barking inside of their cages, Lee wants people to realize that they are not broken goods or dangerous animals and are instead just regular dogs looking for love and attention. They want to get out, which is why they bark.

The two have visited 31 states so far and have been successful in saving 90 pets. The two are really determined to getting all of these dogs to places where they can find their forever homes, even if they may be having quite the adventure with an RV packed with adorable, lovable puppies. Furthermore, Lee and his companion do not have any preferences regarding the dogs they assist; they will gladly rehome large or tiny dogs, young or old. In the end, they want to get rid of every dog from every shelter in the nation. Although it is unquestionably an ambitious objective, these two will surely give it their all.

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