Lexi, the German Shepherd, was in a dangerous scenario. When state troopers received the call that the dog was in danger, she was running loose on Interstate 495 in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts State Police characterized the dog as “walking in and out of traffic in all three lanes.”

Troopers Malachy Higgins and Dana Atkinson arrived and discovered the dog, attempting to assist her off the highway and onto an off-ramp, according to a Facebook post. Lexi, on the other hand, dashed back into traffic.

That’s when the troopers worked with the Methuen Police Department and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to temporarily stop all lanes of traffic! They set out to catch her after the automobiles were safely out of the way.
With an unexpected gift – a granola bar – Trooper Higgins was eventually able to entice the dog into his cruiser.

“The dog leapt into the driver’s seat and took a seat at the wheel.” Trooper Higgins climbed into the vehicle and persuaded the exhausted dog to take the passenger seat.”

Trooper Higgins drove Lexi to Lawrence Animal Control after she was taken into State Police “custody,” where she was quickly reunited with her relieved family!

A granola bar would never have occurred to me as a viable option! I’m grateful to the state police for acting quickly. Please tell your friends and family about Lexi’s rescue!

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