Couple Goes To Adopt Shelter Cat, But She Refuses To Let Go Of Her Best Friend

Louie and Luna were both rather lonely when they entered STAR Rescue in Gainesville, GL. However, as soon as they met, they hit it off and decided they wouldn’t let each other go.

They now do almost everything together and especially enjoy cuddling and kissing one another.
According to their new owner James, “Luna is a brown and orange Maine Coon and Louie is an orange tabby.” “They were immediately quite close to us when we adopted them. More than they liked us, they liked one another.


While visiting the shelter to adopt a dog, James and his girlfriend became enamored with the two lovebug kittens.

We went in seeking for a dog, but since we both work full-time jobs and live in apartments, we are frequently away from home, and canines need a lot more care, said James. We came to the conclusion that getting a cat would be the better option because I’ve always had cats and am familiar with all of their needs.

The two cats, especially Luna, were returned to the shelter two weeks later when James’ fiancĂ©e fell head over heels in love with them.

They only intended to acquire one cat, so they chose Luna, but they couldn’t bear to part with Louie.

They decided to foster Louie until Luna’s buddy was adopted as well, so they took both of the cuddling buddies home with them. However, that didn’t last long, and they ultimately decided to keep Louie.

James remarked, “We couldn’t let go of Louie after seeing how ‘at home’ they both were.” They enjoy cuddling and taking naps together. They work together on everything.

James claims that his cats are really appreciative to be spending the holidays together in a permanent home.
Rescue cats, particularly those who have spent a lot of time in shelters, are more thankful of their adoptive owners, according to James. They have been lazing about our Christmas tree for the past few days.

Additionally, they were seen lavishing each other with cat kisses.

One Twitter user commented, “Your cats are precious and I wish them a happy life.” Give them a pet for me, please.

These cats were the talk of the internet, and pictures of the pair of them in love went viral.


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