Broken Neck Pony Got Healthy And Gave Birth To A Lovely Foal

There are many people that condemn not only other people but also animals that society doesn’t deem to be “beautiful” or “worthy.” It’s very unfortunate that these individuals can’t tolerate beings that were either born differently or developed differently due to an accident. Fortunately, some people also enjoy saving abused, neglected, and abandoned horses.

One of them is TomRo Heaven, who has shown kindness by rescuing a horse with a tragic past. Due to a tragic vehicle accident that she was involved in, the pony by the name of Bonny has a fractured neck. She was hit by a car, and after this catastrophe, she would probably wind up in a butcher shop. However, when she was taken to Gillian McCulloch, things improved.

Since these lovely animals deserved a decent life, she took Bonny in and opened her door to it. Bonny received no affection from anyone, and if it weren’t for her, she would have been killed. Bonny’s neck is now completely healed, despite the fact that she initially experienced a lot of pain.

She is entirely healthy, but she still carries her neck down and to the side. When Gill learned that Bonny was pregnant, she was ecstatic. Gill did everything she could for Bonny and treated her with love and respect. They are happier than ever together, and she gave birth to a completely healthy baby. To learn more, view the video below!

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