A newborn orphaned foal lies alone on the ground every day until a dog comes to his rescue.

Rescue Dog Comforts Orphaned Foal Who’s Mum Passed Away

Karla Swindle of S & K Quarter Horses was forced to take care of an orphaned foal after her mare, who had recently given birth, died.

Her rescue dog Zip made a significant contribution throughout this awful event.

Animals have always played a bigger role in Swindle’s life. She does everything in her power to ensure that her animals are loved and cared for.

However, tragedy struck despite her commitment just a few days after the farm welcomed a new calf.

When the foal was born, everything appeared to be normal. The birth went smoothly and the colt was on his feet in no time.

Dog and foal comforting each other in a stable

Nevertheless, after a promising start, the mother, a horse named Sandy, 22, began to exhibit symptoms of illness about a week after giving birth. Even though she appeared to get well immediately, a few days later her health drastically deteriorated.

Sandy was clearly having trouble, so Swindle felt it was time to call the vet.

Ultimately, it was decided to euthanize the mare since, given her condition, it was the humane thing to do.

The evening Sandy’s death was decided upon, Zip did something that surprised Swindle.

The pup had always exhibited interest in the barn’s foals, but on this particular evening he paid particular attention to the colt. Zip stepped in to console the colt when his mother was unable to support him or take care of him any longer.

Zip appeared to be aware of what was happening and realized the foal required aid. He sat down close to the little colt and petted and prodded him. The devoted rescue dog refused to leave his new friend’s side.

Swindle was grateful for the assistance of her devoted dogs because taking care of an orphaned foal is not a simple chore. Every few hours, the foal required to be bottle-fed a milk substitute.

Swindle was aware that she could rely on Zip to make sure the colt didn’t feel abandoned.

Here is a lovely video of Zip comforting the foal:

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