Every day when mom arrives home, “grateful” rescue dog gives her a hug.

One of the funniest and most loving boys in the neighborhood is a puppy named Kylo Ren. He has a great love for his family and is not ashamed to express it.

Hugging and cuddling in his mother’s lap is one of his most favorite activities.


Kylo had some difficulty locating his forever home, despite the fact that he is currently as content as can be.

When he was only 10 months old, he was brought into the West Memphis Animal Shelter. He was yanked out of the shelter by ALIVE Recuse Memphis not long after he entered. This organization saves animals from kill shelters and the homeless. They exert every effort to place these animals in loving homes.

Kylo was a foster child for a sizable period of time. The rescue team was puzzled that he wasn’t getting any applications, but eventually, Meghan Sweers sent in the ideal one.
Sweers told The Dodo, “We spotted his image on Facebook and contacted out. It only took us a while to discover him, but I believe he was always intended to be with us.

To make sure Kylo and their second dog, a corgi named Nellie, got along, Sweers and her husband decided to give him a trial night.
Thankfully, there were no hiccups in the process. Kylo was brought to Sweers’ home by an ALIVE Rescue Memphis volunteer. Immediately after arriving, Kylo settled in.

He climbed into my lap as soon as they departed, put his head under my chin, and began snoring loudly. My husband and I knew from away that he would be staying with us! Sweers reported to The Dodo.

When Kylo was officially adopted, Sweers and her husband found out about his funny quirks.

Sweers covered the entire house with rugs because he found the hardwood floors to be intimidating. Cairo hops from rug to rug and never touches those dreaded hardwood floors.

Due of Kylo’s bully breed, some Sweers family members were initially wary of him.
Bully breed dogs often have short muzzles, huge bones, and muscles since they are descended from ancient Greek Molosser stock. Boxers, American Pit Bull Terriers, Bulldogs, and Boston Terriers are a few examples of common bully breeds.

Although most bully breed dogs are kind and smart creatures who make ideal family pets, bulldog breed dogs have an unjust reputation for being aggressive. Kylo is a wonderful illustration of how sociable and adorable bully breed dogs are.

He was even able to change the Swars family’s attitude towards bullies.
“A lot of our family who were very prejudiced against bullies changed their minds after spending time with him,” Sweers told The Dodo. Convince people with…by falling asleep on her lap.”

Kylo enjoys meeting new people, but first and foremost is Mama’s boy.
He waits by the door every night until Sweers comes home from his work. When she walks in, he immediately hugs her.

The Sweers have learned that it’s best to give Kylo time to cuddle. “If I don’t sit down for hug time, he follows me with the saddest, most pitiful look until I give in and hug him,” Sweers told the Dodo.

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