Woman saves balding puppy. 3 months later, she has completely changed.

Jessie DeFreitas, a 21-year-old veterinary assistant from West Sussex, was astounded by what she saw when she first lay eyes on Honey the puppy. What was being displayed to her startled and horrified her at the same time.

The puppy’s previous owners had taken her to the veterinary clinic where Jessie worked. Everyone noticed the puppy’s poor condition right away.

“Everyone in the clinic is aware of my deep affection for animals. I had to see the new dog as soon as I heard we had one. Despite having mange, she had lovely eyes.

The poor infant had mange, a skin condition brought on by mites, and was left with so little fur that she was practically bald.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes mange, which is brought on by parasite mites, as a “horrible, painful” skin condition that affects pups and dogs that have been abused, neglected, or who have been abandoned. Medicated shampoos, topical treatments, and oral drugs can all be used to treat it.

The skin of these canines is either covered in sores or has hardened, hard, crusty areas, making them appear beyond hope.

Honey had the most deeply set eyes that were filled with pain; they are said to be windows into the soul. Suffering was reflected in the muddy pools. Jessie had to take action.

The dog wouldn’t have lived, according to the vet, if she hadn’t been turned over to the office.

She required ongoing care. I requested to care for the dog. We already have four cats and a second rescue dog at home, so my mother questioned whether I was certain. But everyone is aware of my affection for animals. I am frequently enquiring about people’s pets at the veterinarian.

The cruelty had broken the poor baby’s spirit. She was suffering emotionally and physically.

But Jessie swore to do anything she could to help this tiny kid.

Honey nipped back as Jessie showered her with affection since she wasn’t sure how to respond to the careful care and food.

“She was a fun biter when we initially got her home. Her given name, Honey, didn’t at all describe who she was. She isn’t to me; Honey is delicious. She can be a little terror, so my mother gave her the name Terra with a “a” because it fit her better.

Terra’s luscious, thick fur eventually grew back as she recovered from the mange infection. She changed into a whole different puppy as she grew more at ease in Jessie’s love and attention. Unreal change occurred!

She has made a complete recovery. She has become increasingly joyful, as seen by the look in her eyes.

The suffering from neglect and the physical discomfort have vanished. She now exudes the sweetest demeanor and possesses a brand-new attitude and perspective on life.

She is incredible. She is the cutest and kindest thing ever.

In fact, Terra looks so gorgeous right now that she could pass for a puppy model. It’s nothing short of a miracle how she’s changed in just three short months! She may have formerly been rejected by others, but today she is charming everyone with her puppy cuteness.

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