Dog prevents injured eagle from freezing in snow

The magnificent bird was sitting on the riverbank, possibly with a wound to one of its wings. As night fell, Kerrie realized she needed to take immediate action to save the bird. So they asked for assistance from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. However, they still had to wait until the following morning because it would be dark when a rescue crew showed up.

The next morning, two representatives from the Department of Natural Resources were assisted in finding the injured bird by its footprints by Kerrie, her friend Pam, and of course, her devoted dog Kenai. Even though its features were already frozen, they eventually discovered it alive, which is a blessing. Pam and Kerrie took the large bird to the Raptor Center in St. Paul after finally being able to grab it.

Sadly, the examination found poison in addition to the probable wing injury. According to Wildwoods’ Facebook post, “Our evaluation revealed a shoulder issue, which we thought was probably fixable.” Their examination revealed left shoulder soft tissue damage and lead toxicity (yep, again!).

But the famous bird will recover totally, all because of these generous women and this brave dog. The Raptor Center stated that it believed the man’s chances of recovery were reasonable. “Kerrie and Pam give special appreciation to Kenai for spotting this bird so that he may be saved, as well as for having keen eyes! Excellent dog, Kenai!

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