After being startled by fireworks, a husky cries uncontrollably when his mother finds him.

Thanks to Hope For Paws, a Husky that was startled by fireworks and landed up at the LA River was saved.

Eldad Hagar got a call about a canine with problems. The Husky was hopping through the deep undergrowth when his paw was injured. Fortunately, Eldad had the assistance of two volunteers in preventing the dog from wandering too far. Eldad learns that the dog’s owner was searching for him when he was being rescued. Later, Khrystal turns up and starts to call the dog.

At first, Sawyer was disoriented and dehydrated, but when he finally recognizes his mother, he begins to scream.

Watch their wonderful reunion in the video below.

Eldad wishes to urge everyone to kindly keep their pets safe after posting the video, especially with the approaching firework celebrations. He asked people to share the video and ask their family and friends to look out for their dogs. We just assisted in saving the life of a dog that was similarly startled by fireworks and suffered THREE BROKEN LEGS!

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