Deaf puppy is now secure and content after spending 11 years on the streets.

A stray dog receives the biggest surprise after spending many years on the streets of Los Angeles. The deaf dog discovers a loving family and the cozy home he had always sought just as he was about to give up. A motivating narrative that demonstrates how even the most depressing stories can have happy conclusions.

The poor innocent dog, who has since been given the name Solovino (which is Spanish for “he arrived alone”), has spent his entire existence wandering the streets of Los Angeles. He thus had the most difficult life a dog could possibly have, but he never gave up and continued on till this point! The sick, worn-out, and insatiably hungry monster appeared to have reached his breaking point. With his last remaining energy, he found a spot on someone’s front porch and collapsed there, ready to give up. But he had no idea that was only the start of a brand-new chapter in his life!

An elderly dog was napping on a woman’s porch when she observed him and began to feel sorry for him. He was given the name Solovino by her. She contacted the Rocket Dog Rescue for assistance after realizing the dog had made himself at home on her doorstep and might have been a stray. The dog was soon brought to a shelter in San Francisco. Solo was placed for adoption there following a visit to the veterinarian, but it seems that no one was interested. He consequently spent more than 1.5 years moving from one foster household to another. But that was before Carol Messina unintentionally came across a picture of him online.

Messina told the Dodo, “I wanted to love him as soon as I saw his face on their site. “I had the thought, ‘Well, his name is Solo,’ right away. It turned out that his foster father had been referring to him as that. It was destiny, I knew. I knew he was going to stay with me forever and in spite of everything when I first met him and saw how depressed he was.

Solo was still bewildered and quite shy despite being overjoyed to have the opportunity to find a lifelong home. Considering the challenging life he once led, this conduct makes sense. However, Messina was prepared to give him as much time as he required to feel at ease.

The nice woman added, “When he first moved in with me, he put his tail between his knees for months.” He flinched whenever someone tried to pet him and was highly non-reactive to dogs, people, and cats.

The older canine, though, was still having trouble adjusting to his new way of life. It was at this point that his mother learned he was, regrettably, totally deaf and also had some significant dental issues. However, that did not stop the Messina from loving him and providing him with the most delicate consolation. No matter what, she was willing to assist him, and she did so successfully in the end. They are currently the cutest couple.

He doesn’t even seem like the same dog anymore, neighbors of ours frequently remark, according to Messina. This is the best thing I have ever done with my life, and he has motivated me to rescue additional senior dogs who require hospice care. “He didn’t smile or hardly open his lips even to pant for months, and now he smiles and rolls around and will run full-tilt across the grass a dozen times a day.”

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