Woman Arrives Home To Find Her Corgi Dog Riding A Pony

Finding your Pony being ridden by a dog when you get home isn’t something that happens very often. Such a scenario is not only impractical because you most likely don’t own a pony, but also because I also don’t own one. But that’s exactly what happened earlier this week when a Missouri woman pulled up to her driveaway after a long day at work. Callie Schenker quickly pulled out her phone and made a 15-second recording. After a nearby news station picked it up, the clip gained over five million views on Facebook. While perched atop a pony like it’s Mount Everest in the video, a small Corgi can be seen looking directly into the camera. Olympus, before they gallop off into the night and vanish forever.

In the post she says that you “can’t make this stuff up”, sharing that the Corgi and her Pony appear to be “best friends”.

Watch the video below:

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