Pitbull who was unwanted and abandoned becomes a police dog

Dogs are loyal to their owners.
When people fail to remember that a dog has feelings, it may be really upsetting to observe. Dogs frequently draw the short straw and are left unwanted and abandoned. One couple decided they didn’t want to cope with a dog after their divorce. From having someone to adore, that pitbull now has nobody.

A 6-year-old bulldog was presented to Rags 2 Riches Animal Rescue.

After her owners made the harsh decision to separate and surrender their dog, a 6-year-old pitbull was abandoned. Halo, a sweet puppy, is currently in the care of an animal rescue organization. It is simple to give up on a dog after nearly a year, especially if the breed has such a negative and undeserved image.

Halo was adopted by a family, and someone just so happened to notice her on social media.
Lieutenant Mickey Curran from the Upland Borough Police Department saw Halo on Facebook while Halo was residing with the foster family and recognized there was a link. Lt. Curran determined his course of action after studying the post!

The appearance of Halo had a role in Lt. Curran’s attachment to the character.

Some dogs have a cute and goofy appearance. One of those is Halo! Lt. Curran declared:

She had an underbite and a snaggletooth, so I said, “That’s the gal for us!” The Philadelphia Inquirer was told by Curran. I said, “Would you be OK with a police department rescuing a dog and having the dog live at the station? I know this is unusual.”

The animal rescue’s director, Tish Mayo, loved the concept after hearing it!

Tish was excited when she learned that Halo will be performed live at the station. They wanted to go all out and do something special for the now-adored canine. They swore Halo in as an Upland police officer after bringing her into the station. Furthermore, she is the first rescue K-9 in the history of the department as a whole.

What will Halo do once she becomes an officer?

She does, however, have to represent the community in events and meetings as part of her employment. She is there to reassure and welcome individuals. She is excellent at her work and adores pets and scratches!

She finally found her house and her work after a year in the system.
Dogs require both a task to accomplish and a home where they are loved. This appears to meet both of those requirements exactly.

Halo does a job where she can make people feel safe and secure and has a full station of individuals who would do everything to offer her pets. Don’t you feel more secure when a dog can be petted is seated next to you?

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