Sneaky puppy goes to neighbors every day and gives mom attitude when she comes to get her

Daisy May is not happy to be leaving her friend’s house, and she is not ashamed to express this.
Although Brittany Young’s YouTube videos primarily feature her singing talents, one of her dogs, Daisy May, is by far the most popular. Even though it was published in May 2013—nearly 7 years ago—it is still receiving comments and has received over 1.4 million views as of this writing.

Clearly, Daisy May has gained a lot of attention. And, quite literally, YouTube has lost its way.

Daisy May, the lovely Boxer, has quite an attitude, as you can see, and she isn’t afraid to make a scene when she doesn’t get her way.

Young and her family obviously be rather far out in the country because they require a car to pick up their dog after she “runs away to the neighbor’s.” And the travel home is not brief at all!

Daisy May, oh my!

At least while running away, she is getting some real exercise.

We don’t know who the Boxer’s companion is, but the only thing we can make out when her mother comes to pick her up is a horse. If the Boxer was friends with a pony, Young wouldn’t have omitted that detail, we assume.

At her mother’s instruction, the runaway jumps into the car, but not before snarfing and growling her disgust.

She may be showing signs of having just finished having a great time or maybe being a bit worried about getting into trouble, especially if she is yawning.

Mom is quite nice as she informs her dog that that is simply not her house, despite her best efforts to bury her head in the sand.

Why she no longer lives at home with her younger brother Mac is what the family is most curious to know. Because they are buddies, she used to follow him home every time.

We’re sorry to break it to you, mom, but it looks like Mac is sitting next to Daisy and that sister feels way too cool to play with him these days.

She gives him a sniff before turning away.

I mean, eww.

Mom recoils at the prospect of being criticized when Daisy’s transgressions are discussed, rolling her eyes and says, “whatEVER folks,” like a teenager.


Additionally, she ignores him and turns her attention to the seat next to her. She would definitely cross her paws like a grumpy child if she could. She is seriously pouting.

We all just want to play with our buddies, so who can blame her?

If Daisy’s emotions once the family is back on the road make you even the slightest bit concerned in the first few seconds of the film, they are genuinely amusing.

Additionally, they will look eerily similar to any preteen or adolescent human you may know.

In fact, Daisy seems to sigh heavily every time her mother reminds her of her younger brother’s “responsibilities.” For his side, it sounds like poor Mac only wants to play with his puppy, but every day after school, she runs away. Daisy may not want to just sit in the corner and observe, but Mac may be preoccupied with something else.

We do know that Daisy has personality, and it’s entertaining to see it on full exhibit.

She even shakes her head “no” around minute 1:40, and you can nearly hear her saying it!

The Whole Dog Journal asserts that Daisy’s whimpers indeed have significance:

A dog may whine when it needs something, needs to go outside, is frustrated by being restrained by a leash, is separated from a cherished friend (human or animal), or simply wants attention.

That, in our opinion, pretty about sums it up!

Watch the endearing Daisy May display some real attitude when her family simply fails to see that ladies only want to have fun by scrolling down below.
That may not have been this pup’s final experience, in our opinion.

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