After spotting a cute kitten attempting to climb the stairs, the dog chooses to carry him.

There is a brief film that refutes the idea that cats and dogs are inherently hostile to one another. Well, perhaps not. However, it is demonstrating that despite their differences in size, dogs and cats can care for one another!

A German Shepherd and a kitten climb a staircase together in a YouTube video.

Of course, the Shepherd has no issues at all. The little kitten, however, has difficulty climbing the steps. The Shepherd finally thinks that enough is enough. He makes a U-turn and begins assisting the kitty.

It’s understandable that when the Shepherd tries to bite the kitten, it initially recoils.
If something that was so much larger than you tried to eat your skull, wouldn’t you be alarmed? However, the dog is merely attempting to pick up the kitten. He finally succeeds in picking up the tiny cat and holding it like a mother.

The Shepherd climbs up the steps with it carefully in his mouth and places it back on the ground.
Internet users can’t get enough of the sweet dog and his small companion.

The video description reads, “Tennyson the German Shepherd observed as of his newly adopted kitten tried to leap upstairs.” “He sprang into action right away and took him to the top, where he started cuddling with him.”

The dog’s gentleness and patience won over the crowd.
In order to move the kitten without harming it, he was willing to try several techniques.

One reader stated that the dog “made so many attempts to lift the kitten, simply to make sure that he doesn’t damage the small one.”

Others noted the Shepherd gently nudging the kitten’s tail at the top of the stairs. He seems to want to apologize for the uncomfortable mode of transportation. The kitten may appear a little spooked, but he quickly calms down with a cuddle.

Others claimed that they had had similar experiences with their own dogs.
One reader remarked, “This reminds me of the time my Pitbull walked in from outside, opened her mouth, and a tiny kitten came out.” “Wet but in great shape. The Pit afterwards returned outside and brought three more home. In actuality, the mother cat had passed away, maybe just after giving birth. The Pitty then found the infants and took them home. The Pitty still treats the cats as her kittens. keeping them down while giving them a wash.

Even when different species are adopted by one another, it is beautiful to watch!
It just goes to show how compassionate and caring animals are.

The bond that will undoubtedly develop between these furry buddies was the finest part, as some people noted.

One user wrote, “That dog just does not comprehend what awaits him.” She plans to live, sleep, and leap on him.

There’s no word on how Tennyson and the cat are doing now. But we suspect they’re still the best of friends!

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