A man shares how he wakes up his blind and deaf dog in a cute way.

One of the questions that Aiden Michael Mann is frequently asked is, “How do you wake her up without scaring her?” He owns a dog who is both deaf and blind.

The dog owner made the decision to upload a video showing his straightforward, adorable method for lulling his puppy, Plum, to wakefulness.

In the Instagram video, which showed him lying on the ground and softly blowing at the dog, he said, “I barely blow on her.” “Until she touches me, she still reacts a little surprised. She then demands unrestricted love.”

Bringing a treat to her nose to awaken her with smell was a suggestion made in the comments, and Aiden admitted that he occasionally does it. However, this is the only way she won’t urinate when I wake her if I don’t have any food.

Following her “wake-up” call, they cuddled, and it was especially nice when Plum put her paw on his face.

On the video, he wrote, “Daddy’s here.” “And shall remain forever.”

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