Man Endangers His Marriage to Rescue a Stray Three-Legged Cat

Meet Mike, a kind animal lover who put his marriage at peril to save Zorro the three-legged stray cat. The tale of Mike shows the strong link between people and animals and the lengths we will go to preserve a life.

Mike first noticed Zorro when he saw a picture of him on social media. According to the post, Zorro really needed a home because he was going to be put to sleep soon. Mike was aware that he needed to move quickly to save the kitten, even if it meant making a 20-hour round trip to the shelter to do it.

After picking up Zorro, Mike intended to temporarily foster him until finding him a loving forever home. But as the days went by, Mike began to adore Zorro’s jovial disposition and cute three-legged walk. Even though he already had two cats at home, he was aware that he couldn’t abandon him. However, Mike’s partner was not as excited about the prospect of getting a third cat, endangering their union.

Despite the difficulties, Mike could not bear to give up Zorro. He was conscious of the need to keep him. Because of his intense love for Zorro, Mike was prepared to put his marriage in jeopardy in order to save him.

A touching tale of love and tenacity is told in the narrative of Mike and Zorro. It demonstrates the extraordinary link that can form between people and animals as well as the tremendous effects they can have on one another’s life. Watch the supplemental video if you want to understand more about this amazing tale.






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