To keep her babies warm, a stray mama dog curls up in a cardboard box.

One of the most wonderful things to have ever happened to our world is maternal love, which is also very common in the animal realm. Yes, animals care profoundly for their young, just like humans do. Even though they are just some stray animals wandering the streets with nowhere safe to go, they nevertheless care deeply for their young.

Six puppies were being cared for by this amazing dog mother in a small cardboard box next to a car. She was obviously terrified of people, perhaps as a result of a tragic event in her past. She didn’t want anyone to approach her and her puppies and only accepted a little of their food when she was truly hungry, despite the good intentions of a few neighboring homeowners who wanted to help. The locals finally made the decision to summon a rescue to see what they could do.

Mother dog takes care of six puppies in a box

After learning about the poor canine, Milan Stojanovic, the founder of Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, hurriedly drove over to their house and was astounded by what he witnessed.

She was simultaneously very bold and very afraid. In a tiny cardboard box, she cared for her six infants. He praised her for being such a nice mother.

Mother dog takes care of six puppies in a box

Unfortunately, Milan’s attempt to lure the sweet girl with food didn’t seem to be successful. He was forced to alter his strategy because she didn’t eat much, wouldn’t leave her hiding place, and he couldn’t get the collar around her neck. In an effort to get the mother to come to the puppies, he dragged the box so that she was forced to flee.

Mother dog takes care of six puppies in a box

The dog mom silently howled in pain as she watched Milan take her pups one at a time, but she didn’t try to harm him. She seems to have made the decision to take a chance on this man.

After some gentle touching in an effort to win her trust, Milan was finally successful in capturing the dog. While traveling to the shelter, he allowed the puppies to stay with their mother.

Mother dog takes care of six puppies in a box

It’s safe to assume that the resilient mother and her children are now all in capable hands. She may still be a little reserved and hesitant, but with time and plenty of love and care, that will change.

Mother dog takes care of six puppies in a box

Watch the heartwarming rescue here:


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