Rescue Dog Saves His Dad By Spotting Hidden Danger in the Walls

Rescue Dog Senses Hidden Danger In The Walls And Saves His Dad

A few months ago, Carl, a little puppy, was saved from the shelter by Drew Smith, who had no idea that Carl would soon repay the favor.

Carl is naturally quite quiet, so his father, Drew Smith, noticed when he started barking inside his apartment but wasn’t sure what to make of it. Drew went to sleep, but a few hours later an agitated Carl woke him up. Carl was still restless. He couldn’t get back to sleep because Carl started licking and barking at him. It turns out that Carl had detected a concealed threat in the walls and had ultimately saved both of their lives!

Watch the video to learn why Carl is now being called Carl The Wonder Pup by everyone in his apartment building!

Just another reason to adopt a dog from your local shelter!

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