After Spending Six Years On The Street, A Mother Dog And Her Puppy Are Rescued

Georgina, a stray dog, was fed and cared for by locals on the Mediterranean archipelago while she was living on the streets of Malta. And she would give birth to a litter of puppies inside a deserted, abandoned house twice a year.

She evaded every trap set by the rescuers, despite their best efforts to capture her and spay her.

In order to stay on top of the situation, the Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) collaborated with Georgina’s acquaintances. The majority of Georgina’s previous puppies had been captured and placed in loving homes. Other people, however, stole them and then sold them for a profit.

Rescuers started working to remove Georgina and her three-day-old babies safely off the streets after six years and nearly 100 puppies.

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