Marine Refuses To Leave Loyal Stray Dog Behind In Iraq

Marine Refuses To Leave Loyal Stray Dog Behind In Iraq

Nubs is an Iraqi-bred dog. In October 2007, he met Maj. Brian Dennis, and the two forged an almost instantaneous sense of friendship. At the border fort where Dennis was stationed, he said there were several stray dogs scavenging for food. When visitors approached the fort, the dogs acted as unofficial guard dogs, raising the alarm.

Nubs flopped over on his tummy for a belly rub and began playing with Dennis as soon as they met. Dennis stated that his entire team became attached to the dog the moment they met him.

Nubs received his moniker after having his ears chopped off, which is a common technique in dog fighting. Dennis was out on patrol one day when he spotted Nubs seriously hurt. Nubs had been wounded by an Iraqi soldier who had become enraged by the dog and stabbed him with a large screwdriver, according to Dennis. Dennis brought the injured dog in and cared for him.

Dennis was transferred to a different fort 75 miles away a short time later. Because U.S. Marines and soldiers are not allowed to keep pets, Dennis assumed he was saying “goodbye” to Nubs for good when he left. Dennis’ convoy was pursued by Nubs until they vanished from view.

Amazingly, Dennis was inside the fort’s headquarters when a Marine ran in to warn him that someone was outside looking for him. Dennis mistook the soldier for a human, but when he realized it was Nubs, he raced out to see him, and the dog jumped all over him, thrilled to see his pal.

Dennis couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Nubs had walked 75 kilometres to catch up with him! No one knew how the obedient dog had made the voyage. Dennis and his Marines made a doghouse for Nubs and allowed him to stay despite the prohibition against owning pets.

Unfortunately, Dennis was ordered to get rid of the dog when a higher command received a complaint. Dennis, on the other hand, realized that he couldn’t say goodbye to his friend this time, and it was now his chance to be a faithful friend.

Dennis was eventually able to acquire the funds needed to ship Nubs home with the support of friends. They received a lot of help from generous strangers and friends in the United States and Iraq, who all assisted them in reuniting Nubs and Dennis. Dennis was motivated to write a book about his exploits with Nubs when he returned home.
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