Woman spots black bear hilariously living its best life

Black bear sightings are humorous but not unusual for people living in northern Ontario, especially close to a landfill.
On July 8, Keira Mamakwa visited the landfill near Kingfisher Lake, Ontario, more than 500 kilometers north of Thunder Bay, and she was in for a treat. There are little over 400 people living in the First Nation community.

By the entrance, Mamakwa spotted a bear curled up on a used mattress and was able to take some shots of the cub from around 15 feet away.

She said with a smile, “Bears are quite hilarious around here.

One of the images has already been shared nearly 8,000 times after she posted the photos on Facebook on Monday with the caption “just vibing.”

The bear once stood up and appeared to ask, “Do you mind?” to her at one point.


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