This cute Chihuahua is Toudi, the World’s Smallest Dog

At 12 weeks old, Toudi is a little Chihuahua puppy. His size is quite unexpected. At about 2.75 inches (7cm) in height and 10.5 ounces (300g), Toudi may be the tiniest dog in existence. Isn’t it adorable? Yes, most likely. Is the dog’s health and safety at risk? Most likely not.

Maybe the puppy’s Polish owners from Wroclaw, who said they had to exercise caution at home because his color matches their floor, don’t prioritize his health.

Smaller than a Coke can and more toy-like in appearance than a real dog, Toudi is more delicate than we could have ever imagined. So tiny that he would be able to fit into a handbag or clutch without losing any space to move around. Its owners like to have him listed in the Book of World Records.

Though only time will tell, most dog breeders and enthusiasts will wonder if this isn’t just another publicity gimmick to generate awareness and profit from what appears to be an unhealthy dog.

The owners of this dog are the subject of more debate than was to be expected. Although some people find the small Chihuahua amusing since they think he resembles a hamster, most people find him endearing.

Toudi, the world's smallest dog (chihuahua)

Toudi, the world's smallest dog (chihuahua)

Toudi, the world's smallest dog (chihuahua)






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