This cute foal, despite being orphaned at the age of just nine days, has been cared after and kept company by this loving dog.

Tye succeeded despite the farm owner’s doubts. With the passing of its mother, Zip, the farm’s Australian cattle dog, has been keeping Tye company.
Due to their constant proximity, the cute puppy has taken on the role of the orphaned foal’s adoptive father. You may usually find the dog resting his head on the young horse when they are not playing.

Five-year-old rescue dog Zip has only ever peered at the horses through the door. When Tye was left an orphan at the age of nine, everything changed. Tye’s loneliness seemed to be understood by Zip.

When Tye isn’t with Zip, you can find him hanging out with his older sister and learning about horsemanship. Dogs are devoted companions to people, but Zip and Tye’s relationship demonstrates that they can also be kind to other animals.

Tye still maintains a particular link with Zip despite the fact that he is now an independent horse. more than 50,000 people have watched this video, indicating that many people found it entertaining.

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