Rescue puppy adorable fails agility course at dog show–again

Kratu merely attends this dog show for fun, not to compete for the top prizes against professional dogs.

The six-year-old rescue dog took the stage at the annual dog agility challenge at Crufts, one of the biggest dog exhibitions in the world held every year in Birmingham, England. She did not dissapoint, but for all the wrong reasons.

Throughout his tour of the course, Kratu dodged many of the challenges and even took a pole from an agility challenge before escaping with it.

“I really, truly don’t know what he’s going to do, but I was absolutely happy he was having so much pleasure,” Tess Eagle Swan, Kratu’s owner, told CTV News Channel on Monday.

More than 1.6 million people have seen a video of Kratu’s outstanding performance since Friday.

The judge can be heard saying, “That’s clearly against the rules,” in the footage.


Kratu has previously made spectators at the Crufts agility competition chuckle. When he playfully approached the tunnel obstacle and startled the audience by peeking out at the same end in 2018, the globe initially fell in love with him.

“I was completely shocked. About Kratu’s debut performance, Swan commented, “I had no idea he was going to do that. “I truly think he was just looking for greater enjoyment. He didn’t want to follow instructions.

Kratu missed every challenge a year later, but he made sure to say hello to spectators on the sidelines. More than a million people have seen a video of the concert on YouTube since then.


Kratu has a touching past despite being recognized for his flair. He was brought to the UK as a puppy after being rescued as a puppy in Romania. He currently works as a therapy dog and supports Swan, a child with autism, emotionally.

Swan explained the significance of Kratu in her life by saying, “Being autistic, it’s really difficult for me to communicate and understand emotions, and Kratu spoke my language. “Having someone at my side and being heard was the greatest gift,” the speaker said.

Also, Kratu has offered emotional support to college students and dementia sufferers. He was even invited to the European Parliament to watch a documentary about stray dogs in Romania.

“People are drawn to him and he makes them smile,” Swan said.




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