A 4-year-old dog that had been chained outside is now loved and happy.

Last year, a helpless puppy was discovered chained to a tree on a farm in central Georgia, without food, water, or protection from climate change. He was confined in these conditions for four years.

He had a terrible appearance, weighing just around 11 kilograms when a pit bull ought to weigh somewhere in the range of 20 and 30 kilograms, and had wounds on his neck from the chains.

After receiving an anonymous complaint, the Cordele Animal Shelter posted the story and some heartbreaking images to social media.

The poor animal was in desperate need of a new home where he could feel the love he had been lacking.

The dog’s story received a tremendously positive response from the general public; They disseminated it widely, prompting the Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc team to arrive at the scene as soon as possible to save it. They were willing to alter his life’s course.

Thank goodness, the dog formerly known as “Cocaine” was promptly adopted by a foster family and is already making excellent strides toward recovery.

In recognition of his bravery, endurance, and the incredible changes he underwent as a result of the love of his rescuers, he was also awarded the moniker “Hero”.

He was found to have heartworm, a parasite that affects the heart and arteries. This was alarming, but a rescue team update shows that he has now completely recovered after receiving therapy.

The foster mother posted an update on Facebook:

He is amazing; I fed him nothing and put him in his kennel. He went in on his own and sat down; He has a radio and a night light.


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