Police K-9 Adorably “Ruins” Photoshoot With Human Partner By Showing Him His Love.

It doesn’t matter if your dog’s a working dog, service animal, therapy dog, or just a plain ol’ pet. When they love their owners, they are going to let it show.

This pup has a very important job; Kenobi works as a K-9 for Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources law enforcement agency.

Together with his partner, Conservation Officer Levi Knach, the pup bravely protects the wildlife of Indiana. Kenobi’s job requires a lot of training and dedication, and he takes it very seriously.

While working, he’s nothing but professional, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a silly side too.

Indiana DNR Law District 2

When Kenobi and Knach were asked to pose for an official portrait together, Kanch wanted them to look serious and professional, but Kenobi had a different idea.

He felt that this was the perfect time to display and immortalize his love for his partner.

Indiana DNR Law District 2

While Knach made steady and serious eye contact with the camera, Kenobi only had eyes for his partner and best friend.

He kept snuggling up to Knach who desperately tried to retain his air of stoicism whilst being showered with love and devotion.

Indiana DNR Law District 2

Finally, when Kenobi planted a big wet kiss on Knach’s cheek, Knach finally broke and let a smile slip out.

On the job, the pair have to focus on the task at hand and they often deal with quite difficult situations, so lighthearted and wholesome moments like these are important to appreciate.

Indiana DNR Law District 2

Knach, hoping to get at least one professional shot, managed to recompose himself, though getting Kenobi to stop showering him in love was a bit more difficult.

Kenobi kept happily licking Knach and showing him how much he loved him.

Indiana DNR Law District 2

Finally, Kenobi decided that he’d got his message across and agreed to take one more serious picture to please Knach.

The final result is an undoubtedly dashing portrait that we’re sure everyone is pleased with.

Indiana DNR Law District 2

Kenobi is an amazingly skilled working dog and since he takes his job so seriously, it’s nice to know that he also finds time to just be a pup.

The genuine love between him and his partner is absolutely heartwarming and we’re glad the pair have each other to rely on, both on and off the job.

The photos show the amount of love between Kenobi and Knach – and also show that police officers and their K9 units aren’t always just about the job that they do.

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