A mother cat demonstrates to the dog how to treat her 1-week-old kitten gently.

Although we may have traditionally thought of cats and dogs as being inseparable rivals, there are times when they get along well. Although some cats and dogs have formed a friendly friendship over time, they may have a one- or two-day truce or something of the type. They exchange everything, including their happiest memories, from food to beds.

When the kitten was a week old, the stunning ginger cat decided to tell her canine best friend about her recent pregnancy. To introduce her kitten to the dog, she brings it along. It’s just incredibly kind of her to show him her tiny furball, of which she is quite pleased.

She had to establish a small limit to be sure.

The dog gently approaches the small furball in front of him after first showing some interest in it. Although the mother cat is delighted to meet her friend, she does not want him to approach her youngster without her permission.

She uses her other paw to move her kitten a few inches away from the interested dog after pushing the dog’s nose away from her youngster. She seemed to be instructing him, “No touching, just gaze,” His canine companion comprehends and makes an effort to abide by the rules.

In no time, the endearing video receives over a million views.

It’s hardly surprising that this video has received so many views in such a short period of time; some viewers find it impossible to stop watching it. Many people are leaving encouraging remarks in the comments area, but many others are making amusing speculations about what the mother cat told her canine pet.


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